About PYP

Who, What, and Why

Built from a Need

In 2006, young professionals were looking to speak out on behalf of the Maritime Park project. With help from community leaders, Pensacola Young Professionals was created to be the voice of young leaders in Pensacola. 

Mission & Vision

The mission of the Pensacola Young Professionals is to share our passion for and belief in the Pensacola area, and to act as a catalyst for positive change in our community.

Our vision is to make the Pensacola Bay area one of the nation’s premier places to live, work, and play, and to serve as a model for all young professional organizations.


We strive to provide strong leadership to our organization and community by holding ourselves accountable to our mission and vision, leading by example, respecting those we meet and with whom we conduct business, upholding professional character, and delivering effective change.

We are committed to dedicating our time to community service initiatives in the area.

We provide avenues by which young professionals can achieve personal and professional growth.

We are a place where young professionals can meet, network, partner, and unite. We help individuals build and sustain friendships as well as generate new business partnerships through our networking activities.

We embrace diversity by providing an organization where each participant (members, sponsors, and others in the community) is appreciated, supported, and recognized based on the person’s own merit, accomplishments, and involvement in the organization.


  • Focus on attracting, retaining, and developing young talent
  • Showcase the Pensacola Bay Area as a dynamic community where young professionals can live, work, and play
  • Empower young professionals to make a difference by becoming active participants in the professionals, civic, and philanthropic aspects of Pensacola
  • Provide a voice for young professionals to influence and drive positive change in Pensacola

Invest in Young Pros

Sponsorship of Pensacola Young Professionals provides our organization with the means to continue our mission to make Pensacola the premiere place to Live, Work, and Play. We work hard to find ways to retain young talent and be catalysts for change in our community.


The history and story behind PYP’s inception


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