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We are PYP

we connect young professionals with like-minded individuals and community opportunities.
we give of our time, talents, and treasure to develop our community.
we continue to grow as leaders through professional and personal development.
we live each day healthy, well, and balanced.

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Happy New Year!

As we enter into 2018, many of us are thinking about goals, resolutions, or just ways to make small changes to better ourselves. The new year can mean a fresh start and the beginning of new and exciting times! If you’ve made the resolution to be more involved in our community, increase your professional development opportunities, find more ways to give back, or simply to connect with others, we have some great events coming up that we invite you try! Please let us know if you have any questions about any of our events! Hope to see you there!

– Meg

Upcoming Events:

Tuesday, January 23, 2018 @5:30pm - Quint Studer at Seville Rotary

Please join Seville Rotary for a special meeting with guest speaker Quint Studer. This is a wonderful opportunity to hear Quint’s continued vision for Pensacola and how young professionals can help our community move forward. Please feel free to bring guests!!

Seville Rotary is excited to announce our special guest speaker on January 23, 2018 is Quint Studer!

Mr. Studer will be joining us to share his vision of success for Pensacola at Seville Quarter, in Phineas Phogg’s at 5:30pm.

In consideration for our guest speaker, please be seated by 6:00pm.

Guests are welcome so please spread the word! We look forward to seeing you there!

Thursday, January 25, 2018 @5:30pm - Speed Networking

We are putting a twist on speed networking at the sharp, new coworking space in downtown Pensacola, the Cowork Annex! Make relationships with like-minded professionals through interactive activities in this premier collaborative environment. Forget about the traditional “what do you do” or “where are you from” questions asked at every event. Take a deeper dive with us to get that information that will actually make a difference in your line of work while generating actual relationships that are worthwhile. #JustNetPYP



We CONNECT young professionals with like-minded individuals and community opportunities.




We GIVE our time, talents, and treasure to develop our community.



We continue to GROW as leaders through personal and professional development.



We LIVE each day healthy, well, and balanced.