Every month, we will be highlighting some of the wonderful companies who support PYP. We truly could not be a catalyst for positive change in our community without their continued support. This month, we are spotlighting Cowork Annex. Cowork Annex has opened their doors to us this year to host events and our monthly board meetings. A heartfelt thank you to Cowork Annex for believing in PYP, our mission, and our members.

Tell us a little about Cowork Annex.

Cowork Annex is a shared community workspace for collaborative, creative, entrepreneurial types. Located in 10,000 sq ft on the second floor of the Brent building, the annex has day desks, dedicated desks, offices, meeting rooms, and an event space; all you need to help your business thrive, to include the fastest wifi downtown and great, free coffee.


How does Cowork Annex act as a catalyst for positive change in our community?

Coworking makes for a more productive, flexible, socially-connected and, so happier, individual. The combination of a well-designed workspace and an enjoyable work experience are part of the reason people who cowork demonstrate higher levels of thriving than their office-based counterparts. What matters the most for high levels of thriving is that those who cowork have substantial autonomy and can be their “best selves” at work. The result is people who feel more committed to their organization/purpose, and are more likely to bring their best energy and ideas to work each day. The annex offers a safe space for connection, community, and collaboration, valuing color, class, creed, gender, and orientation. We believe in the benefits of diversity, and understand the value it brings to everyone in our community.


How does Cowork Annex help to attract and retain young professional talent?

We help to attract professionals by offering added value to memberships in the form of workshops, wellness, professional advice, life coaching, social events, and mentorship, that are all free to members. We retain members by creating a community and business ecosystem that is hard to walk away from. We check in with each other, and encourage and support each other’s goals and growth.


How does your company promote growth in the Pensacola Bay Area?

We help to promote growth by offering networking and connection with a wide variety of resources. These resources are who we know, and who we collaborate with: our own members and investors, Co:Lab, UWF, Florida West, ITen Wired, IT Gulf Coast, Veterans Florida, 1 Million Cups/Kauffman Foundation, Gulf Power, PYP, The Smart Coast, amongst others.



What advice do you have for young professionals who want to advance in your industry? 

Here’s our nugget of advice as we’re kinda new on the block too. By 2020 five million people will cowork. That’s a lot of collaborative potential and brainpower. Our advice for newbies is the same as any business; find out who your audience is, understand your audience, find out what they need, help them. Coworking caters to those seeking a more collaborative working environment, so creativity to inspire a great user experience, and providing a twist on your services, will help you stand out. By understanding your audience, and preemptively meeting their needs, your prospects will be more engaged before they even walk in. Oh, and when they do walk in, it’s all about creating that vibe; the “secret sauce”, that makes them want to stay, that’s when your brand authenticity should come shining through!


Why do you partner with PYP?

We partner with Pensacola Young Professionals as they share a similar vision and mission as the annex; the spirit of caring about the community. We celebrate that they are a diverse group of young professionals promoting positive change in the community, and driving it forward by helping others grow professionally. It is inspiring to be around their passion and belief in supporting our great city of Pensacola and working toward its continued change, growth, and success.


Thank you, Cowork Annex!