We are SO EXCITED TO ANNOUNCE: PYP is taking the RallyFit Challenge! In honor of the 46 children who are diagnosed with cancer every school day, we are challenging ourselves to combine fitness and fundraising over the course of 46 days.

Here’s how:

Step 1: You choose your own fitness commitment – run a mile a day, spend 20 minutes in the gym or go for a long walk. You can even do it with an accountability partner or as a group!

Step 2: Register as part of the PYP team (free)  https://fundraise.rallyfoundation.org/team/247700

Step 3: Make a donation

Step 4: Encourage others to make a donation

Step 5: Fitness on for 46 days!

There is no greater way to feel better inside and out than to fitness for a cause! What do you say PYP? Join the team today! 

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