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More than a Young Professional Teaser

Show Notes

We’re thrilled to announce the upcoming podcast More than a Young Professional where we’ll bring you through lessons learned, opportunities for growth, and real raw discussion on topics that young professionals need most. From leadership development, professional etiquette, to mental health, we’ll cover it all.

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Hosted by Meg Rich, Justin Oswald, and Ruthie Christie

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Episode Transcript


Meg Rich: Welcome to More than a Young Professional Podcast! I’m Meg,

Justin Oswald: Justin,

Ruthie Christie: and I’m Ruthie.

Meg Rich: And we are here to talk with you guys about basically our lives. We kind of have gone through a lot and our three lives, we’ve taken lots of different paths. And, we think that we have some insight to offer you about what we have done that has succeeded and more importantly, what we have done that it has failed.

Justin Oswald: That’s good.

Ruthie Christie: That is where the lessons happen.

Justin Oswald: It’s not how many times you fall. It’s how many times you get up.

Ruthie Christie: There you go.

Meg Rich: Sure. Sometimes you crawl to a new location.

Justin Oswald: It’s true.

Meg Rich: We’re excited to have you guys listen to us and come along this journey with us. We will be asking for lots of feedback.

We’ll be talking about everything from mental health to how to talk to your boss, to bringing in some guest speakers or some guests to talk with us a little bit about what is happening in our community and how to be a good, YP and a good steward of your community. So, we look forward to having you there.

Yeah. So no matter where you’re at, what, what industry or line of work you’re in this podcast is for you

Ruthie Christie: This is the place. These are the people. You are the audience.

Justin Oswald: Hah! That was awesome. Okay. That was good.

Meg Rich: And we’re super glad you’re here.

Ruthie Christie: Yes, we are.

In the meantime, please find us on social media where you can listen and learn. You can find us on

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Ruthie Christie: and

Meg Rich: Facebook

Ruthie Christie: and Twitter!

Justin Oswald: @ More than a YP.