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Episode #7
Asking for and Giving Feedback

Show Notes

You may have heard the saying “feedback is a gift”. In this episode, we dive deep into what feedback is (and isn’t), how to ask for it if you’re not getting any, and some of our tips and tricks about how to send, receive, and ultimately grow from feedback. 

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  • Ruthie Christie: @RuthieChristie (twitter)

Show Notes

  • Bright Spots: 
    • Ruthie: Solar panel installation 
    • Justin: First service in the new church building 
    • Meg: Leadership Pensacola class programs coming to fruition 
  • What do we mean by feedback?
  • Who does the responsibility fall on for feedback? The boss or the direct report? Hint: The answer is “yes”.
  • Objective vs. Subjective feedback: It’s very important for an organization to have clear standards (mission, vision) and thorough job descriptions to take the subjective element out of the feedback process. 
  • Sometimes people give feedback “up” (from a direct report) or to the “side” (from a peer) with limited knowledge or context or even malice. Take that feedback case-by-case.
  • What if you’re not getting any feedback? 
  • Seeking feedback and seeking validation are not the same thing. 
  • If you build the relationship, feedback will come. 
  • Feedback is ultimately about listening. 

Key Take-Aways & Practical Tips  

  • You have to know your team. Know that some personalities will automatically misconstrue feedback as criticism, and you have to rely on your relationship and agreed-upon standards to carry the conversation. 
  • If you’re receiving feedback that feels like it’s coming out of left field or doesn’t match your perspective, calmly ask for specific examples from the feedback giver so you can objectively examine it yourself and/or ask for another opinion. Note: You will have to suspend your ego for this to work well. 
  • Self disclosure can be a tactic: Share your career goals so the people around you will know what direction you’re moving in and (hopefully) give you feedback to help you get there. 
  • Find a mentor. Find a mentor. Find a mentor. 
  • Ask your manager (or others in more senior positions whose actions you respect), “What would you do in this situation? How would you have done this differently?” 
  • Proactively ask for meetings with your boss/supervisor for specific feedback sessions: “I need to meet with you… I’d like to know your specific thoughts on my performance.”
  • If you ask for scheduled meeting time and they say yes, bring an agenda. 
    • Suggested agenda items: 
      • Here are a few big things I’ve been working on over the past couple of weeks.
      • What am I doing well? 
      • What are my opportunities for improvement? 
      • Is there anything I’m not asking? 
      • Recognize someone else on the team who has been helpful. 

Updates (since the time of recording)

  • In Meg’s Bright Spot: We said we were working to increase the kids’ “AP” test scores and we meant “AR” (Accelerated Reader) test scores.

Wheel of Questions

  • Justin: What’s the worst job you ever had? Home health care inside sales.
  • Ruthie: If you could master one instrument, what would it be? Cello because the timbre is most similar to the human voice. 
  • Meg: When you’re down, what makes you feel better? Today, a soda. Also, a good run. Also, taking time out and intentionally spending time with my dog, Baxter. 

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