We connect members with other young professionals and organizations within our community through regular networking events each month.


Pensacola Young Professional’s networking nights are some of our most attended events. They typically happen after hours in establishments located around the city in an environment conducive to kicking off some true relationship building. 

After hours not your thing? Consider joining us for one of our regularly scheduled Coffee & Conversations! Same vibes as our traditional networking nights with added caffeine.  


Where to Start

If you’re new to PYP or our networking events, let us know when you check-in! We know walking into a room full of strangers can sometimes be intimidating. We’d love to help get you started and connect you with other members.


Business Cards

Bring your business cards! You’ll meet plenty of new people and this is a great place to exchange information.



Come with an open mind and positive attitude. You’ll get what you put in and you’ll get more as an active participant.


Say Hi!

Everyone is here to meet people and exchange ideas. Move around the room and join a conversation!



We encourage a solicit-free environment at all of our events to help you build relationships first. Leave the sales pitch at home.

Upcoming Networking Team Events


PYP got me plugged in to the community. Every connection I have in Pensacola has stemmed from a connection made through PYP, a PYP event, a PYP program and becoming more involved in the leadership team. These connections have enabled me to launch a new business in downtown Pensacola and achieve great success as a new company from the relationships made and developed. I highly encourage companies to sponsor PYP as they are an amazing resource for top talent in the area while supporting the movement to attract and retain talent here in Pensacola. 

Cheryl Murphy
Joined PYP in 2015
Vivid Bridge Studios


Our Board of Directors help shape our all of our programming throughout the year. If there’s something you think we should be doing or you have a great location or opportunity, let us know!


Join the Team

We’re always looking for dedicated YPs to assist in the planning and execution of our programming. The Programming Committee meets on the 1st Monday of every other month (April, June, Aug, Oct, Dec, and Feb).