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More than a Young Professional

A podcast by Pensacola Young Professionals

The podcast at the intersection of your career, personal life, health, and community. Because we’re all more than just young professionals… 


Episode 1: What is PYP and Why a Podcast?

Season 1, Episode 1

About More than a Young Professional

We’re here to provide a space for young professionals (YPs) to gain insight, education, entertainment, and inspiration about their careers, goals, and aspirations.  

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Asking for and Giving Feedback

You may have heard the saying “feedback is a gift”. In this episode, we dive deep into what feedback is (and isn’t), how to ask for it if you’re not getting any, and some of our tips and tricks about how to send, receive, and ultimately grow from feedback.  Keep this conversation going with us @morethanayp on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. You...

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More than a Young Professional is hosted by 3 members of Pensacola Young Professionals. Each come from a varying of personal and professional experiences with an intent to inspire and encourage other young professionals.

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