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Asking for and Giving Feedback

You may have heard the saying “feedback is a gift”. In this episode, we dive deep into what feedback is (and isn’t), how to ask for it if you’re not getting any, and some of our tips and tricks about how to send, receive,...

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Managing Overwhelm
Managing Overwhelm

Managing Overwhelm

  Are you overwhelmed? We can all get overwhelmed at times, but today we talk about how to recognize it, find out what triggers it, and how to handle it. How do you feel about disconnecting? Do you think you could disconnect for an hour a day? One day a week?...

Leading without a Title
Leading without a Title

Leading without a Title

What makes you a leader? (Hint... it's not your title.) This episode we'll talk through why makes someone a leader, and how to you can show your leadership even when your title doesn't reflect it. What's the difference between a "leader" and a "manager?" We talk...

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