New in town? Just moved back home from college or a big city? Ready to try something new? Finally making time for Professional Development and Networking? Then you’ve come to the right place. Pensacola Young Professionals has a little something to offer for every YP in the Pensacola Bay area, and we hope that our events and programs can help you discover your community through service. I joined PYP in March of 2016 after moving back home to Pensacola from Houston. Growing up in Pensacola, I always knew that I wanted to go off to college and live in a bigger city but that I’d eventually end up back here in this community I love and call home. When I finally got settled in, I was looking to get plugged in, and I had always heard about PYP and the great things they were working on in Pensacola. So I joined the organization and got involved with the leadership team right away. Three years later, I’ve found and strengthened my career path and position in the community thanks to the development and connections I’ve made through PYP, and I’ve also found lifelong friends along the way. Over the next year, it is my goal to not only grow the membership of this great organization but to also offer more opportunities for you to find a home in PYP. There are a million ways for you to get plugged in here in Pensacola but at PYP we think we are your one-stop-shop for finding your footing and building your network in this community. I encourage you to join us at some of our upcoming networking events, professional development seminars & workshops, meetings with our locally elected officials, and volunteer events. The connections you will make and the development you will experience is invaluable! Have a great day and I hope to see you at one of our events, soon!