Mentor Pensacola
Mentor Pensacola is a program of PYP in partnership with the Greater Pensacola Chamber to pair young professionals with mentors in the Pensacola business community.

Mentorship for Young professionals

Mentor Pensacola is a professional mentorship program led by Pensacola Young Professionals (PYP) in partnership with the Greater Pensacola Chamber.

Initially launched by PYP’s Professional Development team in October 2015, Mentor Pensacola is returning in 2021 with renewed focus, excitement, and leadership. Mentor Pensacola offers PYP members (between the ages of 18 and 40) the opportunity to be “paired” with a Greater Pensacola Chamber member and/or community leader who will help mold and influence the area’s up-and-coming young professionals and inspire growth on a professional and personal level. We hope our members will gain confidence and a long-term mentor who will be there to help them succeed in their careers and beyond.

In this one-on-one mentorship, mentors will aid their mentees in refining a career path by helping them set long-term professional goals and providing opportunities to network with other leaders in our community, as well as promoting a strong workforce in the Pensacola Bay area. Mentors come from various fields, including non-profit and corporate leaders, business owners, and more. The program requires that mentors not only be an influential force in the community, but in their respective fields as well.

Once paired, Mentors and Mentees agree to participate in Mentor Pensacola for one year, meet at least one hour every month, and complete a quarterly feedback report.


Not a Member?

Mentor Pensacola is only open to PYP members as mentees and Pensacola Chamber as mentors. If you’re not a member of the respective organization, we encourage you to join prior to submitting an application!

The Process


August 2 - 27, 2021

Submit Your Application

Submit your application to be a mentee (PYP members) or mentor (Pensacola Chamber members) by the deadline to be considered for the program. The application has a series of questions to help our committee create matches that fit everyone’s needs.

September 2021

Match Making

Once applications close, the match committee will work together to pair our mentees and mentors with their best fit. If we have questions during the process, you may hear from us. Otherwise, sit tight, we’ll let you know as soon as we can!

October 2021


After matches have been made, you’ll receive word from us about who your match is and how you can contact them.

October 28, 2021 After Hours

Mentor Pensacola Kick-Off

This exclusive social is just for mentors and mentees! We’re excited to introduce you to your match and meet other matches in the program.

November 2021 - October 2022

Mentorship Program

Mentors and mentees will meet for a minimum of 1 hour a month for the next 12 months. Throughout the program, you may be asked for feedback and quarterly reports. We’re excited to see your progress!

Mentor Pensacola FAQ

Do I have to be a member to participate?

To be a mentee, you must be a member of PYP. To be a mentor, you must be a member of the Greater Pensacola Chamber. PYP is running discounted annual memberships for the month of August, especially for this occasion! 

You can join PYP here.

You can join Greater Pensacola Chamber here.

What are the requirements?

Mentees and Mentors should meet at least 1 hour each month during the length of the program in whatever fashion they’ve chosen (in person, zoom, phone). The curriculum is entirely up to each match but our Mentor Pensacola team is here to help where needed! Program participants will receive regular communication throughout the length of the program.

Can I request a mentor or mentee?

While we’ll happily review requests, we cannot guarantee any specific matches. The match committee will work to find everyone a match that suits their specific situations and professional goals. 

Does the program cost anything?

No! We’re thrilled to offer this program free as a benefit of your PYP membership!

Mentor Pensacola Resources

We’re thrilled to share some valuable resources with our program participants. Feel free to download and use any of these resources for your regular meetings and check back for more as we progress through this year’s program.

Mentor Pensacola Team

The team administering the Mentor Pensacola program is made up of PYP and Pensacola Chamber team members. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to a member of our team or contact us here.

Pensacola Young Professionals 


Greater Pensacola Chamber

  • Executive Director, Chamber Foundation: Sara Lefevers