March 2021 Monthly All-Star Jennah White

Jul 3, 2021

March 2021 All-Star Jennah White

Congratulations to our March All-Star, Jennah! She’s an outstanding member of PYP and our newly elected Marketing Coordinator!

Jennah White was selected as our Member of the Quarter for March of 2021! This award is voted on by our board of directors at our monthly board meetings and given to a member in outstanding status. Jennah has been a member of PYP since October of 2019. She decided to join PYP to meet other young professionals in the area and make lasting connections. Since she’s joined PYP, she’s not only done that but she’s taken on a leadership role as well! Jennah was recently selected as our Marketing Coordinator and is excited to make a more significant impact in PYP and the community through this role.

Jennah and PYP

Jennah’s favorite thing about PYP is the people she’s met while she’s been a member. She said she’s been able to meet so many wonderful individuals at networking events and loves that PYP takes the time to engage their members.

Jennah hopes that PYP can see continued (and greater) member engagement in the coming years and hopes to help make that a reality in her new leadership role. Jennah wants people to know that they aren’t “too old to be a young professional.” She believes that encouraging more community members to attend events like “Y2B a PYP” could help engage and maintain greater membership. The more members involved in PYP, the more significant change we can make in Pensacola!

The best way to make the most out of your PYP membership is to start getting involved! Whether it’s a networking night or becoming a full-fledged member, it’s never too late to get your name out there. Becoming a member of a team like marketing, networking, or professional development is also a great way to get involved, meet people, and make a difference. PYP wants to help you be a catalyst for positive change in the community!

Even if it’s not Pensacola Young Professionals, a great way to meet people and get involved in the community is by volunteering. Before the pandemic, Jennah participated with Habitat for Humanity, helped with dog washes at PAWS, and was an active member of SHRM. Volunteering at different organizations has helped Jennah meet people and make connections in Pensacola, which has helped turn the city into a home.

Get to Know Jennah

Growing up, Jennah’s father was in the military, so she lived all over the world. She even lived in Japan and Korea. Though she moved around a lot, she’s spent most of her life in Northwest Florida, and she came to Pensacola to attend UWF. While here for school, the city stole her heart, and she decided to make her career here.

Jennah currently works for a non-profit in Pensacola called The Arc Gateway as the office manager for Pollak Industries. This role is her seventh role with the agency. She started her career with Arc in 2016 as their Human Resources Assistant and has come a long way since then! In her time at Arc, she’s gotten to explore the city of Pensacola even more.

Jennah loves that there is always something to do in Pensacola, and we couldn’t agree more! She specifically loves the weekend markets, trivia nights at local breweries, and brunch with friends at all the wonderful brunch spots downtown.

When Jennah isn’t exploring Pensacola, she can usually be found at either the gym or at Ride Society. She likes to say that she lives by a “treat yourself” mantra but with the connotation of “treating your body right.” Having a healthy lifestyle is very important to Jennah, though so is balance — “everything in moderation, including moderation.” With this in mind, she likes to relax and indulge in the pool during the weekends.

Join PYP Today

If you would like to meet more marvelous people like Jennah, consider coming to some of our events and becoming a member! Whether you’re new to Pensacola or have lived here all of your life, there is something for everyone. Jennah and the rest of PYP can’t wait to meet you!

If you know a PYP member who has gone above and beyond in the organization and our community, please nominate them to be a PYP All-Star!

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