PYP has openings on our Volunteer Leadership Team!

PYP is looking for volunteer leaders to help coordinate and facilitate our meetings, events, programs, and daily operations. 

All Board members are expected to:

  • Eagerly communicate with PYP members—new and established—to solicit their ideas and help them become/remain actively engaged in the organization
  • Raise any general membership matters at board meetings or to the President and President-Elect when necessary
  • Evaluate each event and program at its conclusion and provide feedback for improvement.

    Applicants will be asked to participate in an interview with the selection committee, which is comprised of the 2019/2020 President, President-Elect, and other PYP member(s).

Open Positions

Membership Services Coordinator

  • Assist the Vice President of Membership Services in organizing and promoting regular membership events to cultivate the general membership of the organization and encourage new memberships
  • Work with the VP and (Co)Treasurer to form a yearly program budget and monitor expenses
  • Encourage and facilitate the growth and retention of PYP members and alumni supporters
  • Assist in organizing and promoting an annual member-wide satisfaction survey
  • Assist with new member onboarding including new member email campaigns, reviewing requests to join the Facebook Members-Only group, and reviewing student and military membership applications for approval
  • Serve as liaison for sponsor organizations and lead communication efforts to sponsored members

    Marketing and Communications Coordinator
  • Assists the Vice President of Marketing and Communications 
  • Handles all PYP social media posting and communication through all social media channels
  • Maintains the social media posting plan
  • Creates graphics for digital and print use
  • Assists in development and administration of marketing campaigns

Public Relations Coordinator

  • Works with Vice President of Marketing and Communications and Marketing and Communications Coordinator
  • Creates and distributes press releases and manages media distribution list
  • Develops content for articles, the website, and editorials
  • Coordinates promotion and interviews with PYP leaders and the media, as needed
  • Solicits media coverage for our events, programs, and the organization, as a whole
  • Fields inquiries from the media


Co-Treasurer.  The Co-Treasurer shall share the custody of all funds, property, and securities of the Corporation, subject to such regulations as may be imposed by the Board of Directors.  The Co-Treasurer may be required to give bond for the faithful performance of his or her duties, in such sum and with such sureties as the Board of Directors may require. When necessary or proper, the Co-Treasurer may endorse on behalf of the Corporation for collection checks, notes, and other obligations, and shall deposit the same to the credit of the Corporation at such bank or banks or depositary as the Board of Directors may designate.  The Co-Treasurer shall sign all receipts and vouchers and, together with such other officer or officers, if any, as shall be designated by the Board of Directors, shall sign all checks of the Corporation and all bills of exchange and promissory notes issued by the Corporation, except in cases where the signing and execution thereof shall be expressly designated by the Board of Directors or by these Bylaws to some other officer or agent of the Corporation.  The Co-Treasurer shall enter regularly on the books of the Corporation to be kept by him or her for that purpose a full and accurate account of all moneys and obligations received and paid or incurred by him or her for or on account of the Corporation, and the Co-Treasurer shall exhibit such books at any reasonable time or times to any Director upon reasonable notice at the offices of the Corporation. The Co-Treasurer shall present such books to the Board of Directors annually for audit.  The Co-Treasurer shall present a written financial report to the Board of Directors at each annual meeting of the Corporation. The Co-Treasurer shall, in general, perform all the duties incident to the office of treasurer, subject to the control of the Board of Directors.

  • Attend board meetings and important related meetings
  • Manage finances of the organization and present updates at each board meeting
  • Provide annual budget to the Board of Directors for approval
  • Monitor expenditures of teams/programs to ensure they remain within budget
  • Ensure development and board review of financial policies and procedures
  • Display diligence and integrity in the handling of PYP’s finances
  • Assist in coordinating fund raising for the organization


We CONNECT young professionals with like-minded individuals and community opportunities.



We GIVE our time, talents, and treasure to develop our community.



We continue to GROW as leaders through personal and professional development.



We LIVE each day healthy, well, and balanced.