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Written By Meg Burke

Meg is the Executive Director of PYP. Originally from Newbury, Ma, she's found a passion for the Pensacola area and leadership development. Outside of PYP, you can find her photographing weddings, attending music performances, and snuggling her 3 dogs.

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Ask our PYP Leadership Team, and they’ll tell you that joining our board of directors gave them a greater sense of purpose within the organization and in our community as […]

Ask our PYP Leadership Team, and they’ll tell you that joining our board of directors gave them a greater sense of purpose within the organization and in our community as a whole. Not to brag, but we’re pretty proud of that. 

In our strategic planning, we took a deep hard look at what we’re doing, how we do it, and ultimately why. With big goals and strategic alignment came a need to redesign our leadership structure. If you’ve been around us for a minute, our 2022-23 leadership roster will look a little different. I hope you keep an open mind and join us in supporting big goals, audacious dreams, and incredible potential for an organization doing great work for our community for 15 years and so many more to come. 


We’ve elevated all of our leadership positions to the Board of Directors.

We believe that PYP is a great place to get some real-life nonprofit board experience. Our team is a dedicated and hard-working board, and anyone that comes through has gained some valuable “on-the-job” experience and training they can use elsewhere in the community. We also believe that anyone doing the hard work for our organization deserves a seat (and a vote) at the table. While we’ve tried doing something similar in the past, we’ve shaken things up enough this time; we think it’ll be hard to return. 


We’ve divided overworked roles and combined others. (It is a volunteer gig, after all)

 If you’ve been interested in Quality of Life with us before, we encourage you to look at the Community Service (focusing on volunteer opportunities and nonprofit partnerships) or Community Development (the annual Quality of Life Survey). Have a passion for Professional Development and the Mentor Pensacola program?  We split that role and created a new position called Emerging Leadership that will manage our Mentor Pensacola program, reinvigorate our Internship Pensacola program, and work with our team to create a leadership pipeline for our Board moving forward. Our individual roles of Economic Development and Government Affairs have been combined into a role of Civic Engagement with the purpose of truly engaging our young professionals in our community and educating them on local topics. Marketing & Communications has always been a need for our organization, and our marketing team has worked in overdrive to get our message out. We’ve added a Community Relations role to help connect us with other organizations and areas of our community that we haven’t reached yet. 


We’ve broken down strategizers vs. executers.

Discovering the difference between our “do-ers” and our “dreamers” was eye-opening for our team. When we learned this piece of the puzzle, we started breaking down how to leverage the passions and minds of our people to accomplish big hairy audacious goals moving forward. While some people love to get in the weeds and do the work IN the organization, others were passionate about working ON the organization. That doesn’t mean you’re put in that box forever, but it does mean that our board roles needed some rebuilding. We’ve elevated three new VP roles to our Executive Committee, which will function as our strategic direction committee. These VPS will chair committees over Programming, Sustainability, and Strategic Communications, which will be made up of assigned board members and any general members who wish to be a part of the process. We’re really excited about this. 

Apply for the Board of Directors

One thing hasn’t changed: the process. Today we’ve opened up our applications to join the leadership team. We encourage anyone interested in getting plugged in to consider it. We do a peer interview with our incoming president, president-elect, and a small group of members – it’s chill, we promise; just an opportunity to get to know you, some behavior-based questions, and a chance to share your ideas for the role and our organization. We’ll have everything wrapped up in a tight little bow in February and hit the ground running in March with our planning retreat. We’ll kick off the new year in April. Buckle up, it’s going to be an incredible year. 

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