Please join PYP as we congratulate CJ Dancy, Networking Coordinator, for being voted as the Pensacola Young Professionals’ Leader of the Quarter for 3rd quarter 2019-2020!

CJ Dancy, Networking Coordinator

Employment: Humana

Tenure in PYP:
2 years

Favorite thing about Pensacola: Pensacola is home! I’ve seen it evolve over the years and can’t believe the growth and development that has taken place. It is an amazing sight amazing to see our area continue to grow.



Favorite thing about PYP: The friends and relationships I’ve developed via networking groups and through exposure to non profit groups. I look forward to our monthly networking groups because I always meet someone new and interesting. Whether a new member, a seasoned vet, or someone just inquiring about the organization there’s always something new and exciting taking place.

What do you feel YPs can do to be a catalyst for positive change in our community? 

Get involved! In sports, you can’t change the outcome of the game by standing on the sidelines. Similar to situations in our community, you can’t make a difference unless you take the proper steps and position yourself to be involved in the “action”. Therefore volunteer, read the local paper, stay connected, and I promise you’ll be surprised at what you can accomplish when you come together with other like-minded individuals striving for a common goal.