Please join PYP as we congratulate Cheyenne Sherman, Vice President of Membership Services, for being voted as the Pensacola Young Professionals’ Leader of the Quarter for 1st quarter 2019!

Cheyenne Sherman, Vice President of Membership Services

Tell us a little about yourself: My dad was Navy, so I was born in Norfolk, VA. After he got out, we moved down here to be closer to his side of the family when I was 8. Outside of 1 year going to school in Orlando, I’ve been here ever since. Orlando was way too big and busy for me. I love the small town feel with the big town vibes that Pensacola has to offer.

I currently work in HR at Navy Federal Credit Union as a benefits specialist. I assist with our benefits administration and disability for our employees. I’m captain of my kickball team with Kaboom and frequently attend trivia nights at local restaurants and breweries around town. I also never miss a chance to brunch with all my friends. I just started my MBA program with the University of West Florida and hope to have that completed within the next three years. As you see with all my obligations, I like to stay busy.

How long have you been a member of PYP? I joined PYP after a networking night at Perfect Plain last April (2018) and have been a member ever since. I became the Networking Coordinator in August of last year and loved working with Morgan, the VP of Networking, planning events and programs for our members. When the position for VP of Membership opened up, I jumped at the chance to better the member experience and to help this organization thrive.

What motivates you to volunteer with PYP? 1) I love Pensacola and will do everything I can to communicate how awesome of a place it is to work, live, and thrive 2) I love meeting and connecting new people and PYP is a great place for that 3) The organization keeps me engaged and knowledgeable with what is happening right here in this city, whether it’s projects, politics, or just fun events around town! Not only is it a great place to meet people and learn about the happenings around Pensacola, it’s also taught me a lot about myself. I never would have thought of myself as a leader. I’m a helper by nature, but being in this leadership role has pushed me to my professional development limits and I believe that I’m far exceeding what I ever thought I could do. For that, I’m extremely grateful that PYP can help me not only on an individual level but a professional level as well.

What other organizations are you involved with? I’m currently in my kickball league, Kaboom, and I’m a member of the National Society of Human Resource Management.