February All Star: Allie Smith

Mar 2, 2020

Our February All-Star is Allie Smith! Allie not only shines in PYP, but she’s a star in the community as well. Read on to learn more about Allie!

Employment: Marketing & Event Director at Hill-Kelly Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram (2 years)

Tenure in PYP: Joined in December 2019 – Marketing Coordinator as of March 2020

Other orgs involved in: I have a very unique position with my job. We are very big supporters of our community, therefore, I get the opportunity to make the most out of those relationships and get involved past the sponsorship levels. I have had the honor of working closely with The Klaas Kids Foundation, Making Strides Against Breast Cancer, March of Dimes, Ronald McDonald House, Gulf Coast Kid’s House, our local FFA chapters, and so many more! My company also holds season tickets for the Pensacola Blue Wahoos and The University of West Florida Football Team. With these partnerships, I am able to be involved on the back end of the seasons as well as personally being a part of the UWF Athletic Club!

I’m a recent new member of PYP and I’m almost a member of Brunch League! This is a social group of like-minded young adults that get together once a month to enjoy brunch while also raising money, items and awareness for a local organization (i.e. Junior Humane Society, Girls Supporting Girls, etc.).

Favorite thing about Pensacola: Some of my favorite things about Pensacola include the beach (of course!!), the small town atmosphere, the abundant amount of community engagement and involvement, and the amount of support that is given and received to those around us. I moved to Georgia for my Undergraduate degree; although I loved it, I felt like a number in a large city. Everyone seemed to be very closed off in the community. Pensacola on the other hand has shown me how much the community cares for one another.

Favorite thing about PYP: The engagement and relationships being built from like-minded people like myself! I am also excited to be able to share my knowledge of marketing as well as to be able to personally expand my own knowledge.

What do you feel YPs can do to be a catalyst for positive change in our community? GET INVOLVED! I have heard so many people complain about an issue or voice their negative opinions about something, however, those are the people who do not do anything in the community to make a difference or look to try to fix something. This city is lead by an older generation, and sooner or later our generation will be taking control. The young professionals in our area need to have awareness of what is going on in their backyards and want to be willing to jump in and make a difference!

If you know a PYP member who has gone above and beyond in the organization and our community, please nominate them to be a PYP All-Star!

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