April Star: Justin Oswald

May 4, 2020

​Congratulations to our April All-Star, Justin! We love his passion for the Pensacola area and can’t wait to see what else he does for our community!

Name: Justin Oswald

Employment: I am the Executive Pastor of Transformation Church here in Pensacola

Tenure in PYP: Joined PYP in February of 2018, but for whatever reason, wasn’t active. This year I decided I wanted to play a part outside of my organization in bettering Pensacola. I thought one of the first steps in doing that was to become active in PYP and partner with them and the other members to make the biggest impact. It’s like the old saying goes, “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

Other orgs involved in: For the past 10 years, my involvement with community service and outreach has been in the context of the church I was a part of and the work we do in the community. I don’t currently sit on any other boards. Through my church we have partnered with a number of local organizations for community outreach including: The Miracle League of Pensacola, Safe Harbor Pregnancy Center, The Secret Place, and Reimagine.

Favorite thing about Pensacola: There’s a lot to love about Pensacola! I was born here in Pensacola and raised most of my life in the Pace & Milton area. After high school, I moved pack over to Pensacola and started college at UWF. Like many of us who are from here, I had plans to move away. I wanted to live in a bigger city. But for whatever reason, I stayed. And the older I get, the more glad I am that I did. Pensacola has changed a lot over the last 5-10 years. It is becoming the place many of us knew it could be. We are a community that is finally starting to see Pensacola the way so many from all over the world see us. We are seeing her for what she truly is. Pensacola has such talent. Such beauty. Such potential. And I think that’s what I love most, the potential.

Favorite thing about PYP: I dig PYP because it takes people from the community from so many different backgrounds and industries, but who have a common goal, to make our city the best it can be. It provides a forum for ideas, for goals, and for connection. It allows each of us to use our training, education, and specific areas of expertise and to combine all of that to ultimately do good for the community and our city.

What do you feel YPs can do to be a catalyst for positive change in our community? First, I think it requires us each to acknowledge our personal responsibility. The change we want to see is up to us. We can’t sit at home and complain about the way we wish things were. We should be involved in the process. Step two is partnering with an organization like PYP.  I think YP’s will be the biggest catalyst for positive change if we understand that we can accomplish more together. To be unified by the vision. We all join PYP with an understanding of its mission, vision, and values. This is our commonality, the baseline. If we stay unified around these goals, we can each use our own specific gifts and expertise to accomplish them.

If you know a PYP member who has gone above and beyond in the organization and our community, please nominate them to be a PYP All-Star!

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