September PYP All-Star

Our September All-Star is LaMarcus Jordan! LaMarcus is new to PYP this year but has a passion for connecting with other YPs and the community.

Name: LaMarcus D. Jordan Sr.

Employment: Within 6th year on the Innisfree Hotels team

Tenure in PYP: Since June of 2019

What exciting things are you currently involved in?

Currently in the Manager In Training Program at Hilton. It’s a year-long program that trains you to become an Hilton Hotel Manager. I’m in the Food and Beverage department in my training right now which is the department of my choice. I started at Innisfree as a dishwasher with a goal to become a Food and Beverage Director. So I’m headed towards my goal I set 5 years ago, and it feels amazing that I never gave up on my goal, which I set as a dishwasher.

My other organization I’m involved in is my own company LaMarcus Jordan LLC. I cover painting, lawn care, pressure washing and janitorial cleaning .

What is your favorite thing about Pensacola?

It’s home. I was born and raised on the East side of Pensacola. And my city is growing with a lot of new development in the community, sporting events, downtown Pensacola is a sight to see at night with all the bars and restaurants.

What is your favorite thing about PYP?

The involvement in the community we have with the youth and the homeless. And, to add to that, there are some pretty awesome people in PYP. I have enjoyed every outing with the group. I’m honored to be a part of this group and the movement in Pensacola.

What do you feel YPs can do to be a catalyst for positive change in our community?

I think the next leader of Pensacola is in this group. A lot of young brilliant minds are in PYP .The core part about PYP is equality for young, old, rich, or poor people, and with that mind set of the entire group, nothing but positive change can and will happen.