Please join PYP as we congratulate Katin Davis for being voted as the Pensacola Young Professionals’ October All-Star of the month! Each month our Board of Directors nominates individuals and vote on who is showing incredible dedication and going the extra mile, whether that’s with their employer, the community, or within PYP itself. We are thrilled to recognize Katin for her engagement!

Name: Katin Davis

Employment: Red Bull On-Premise Manager at Goldring Gulf

Tenure in PYP: Loaded question: I was active a few years ago. When I decided to go back to school full time while working full time, my extracurriculars had to be put on hold. I have been active again for about a year.

Other organizations you’re involved in: United Way Ambassador Leadership Program 

Favorite thing about Pensacola:  

I love that Pensacola continues to grow and offer new opportunities for young professionals while maintaining its small-town charm! Also, I love that while we grow, we try to preserve the charming parts of this town’s rich history.

Favorite thing about PYP: 

I like having easy access to networking events, volunteer opportunities, and conversations around community improvement.

What do you feel YPs can do to be a catalyst for positive change in our community? 

I think young professionals should continue to insert themselves in the conversations involving the needs of our community. With open ears, eyes, and minds, we can continue to impact the Pensacola area in a positive way.