September PYP All-Star

Our September All-Star is Faith Higgins! Faith not only shines in PYP, but she’s a star in the community as well. Read on to learn more about Faith!

Name: Faith Higgins

Employment: Pensacola Habitat for Humanity – Neighborhood Revitalization

Tenure in PYP: 5 months

What other organizations are you involved in?

Pensacola Chamber of Commerce, Keep Pensacola Beautiful, Powerful Woman of the Gulf Coast, Historical Brownsville Community, Junior League of Pensacola, United Way of Escambia County and the National Association of Notaries.


What is your favorite thing about Pensacola?

Exploring Pensacola’s arts and cultural opportunities— including the “beach culture” of course. I moved to Pensacola over 1 year ago and the features that first captured my attention were the historical architecture and the arts. I’ve always appreciated learning about the connections and the larger story behind what exists today. And, as a budding designer and artist, it’s a daily inspiration to see creativity take such a center stage in the place where you now call home.


What is your favorite thing about PYP?

The great part of being in an ever-growing network of friends and colleagues, is you learn about the variety of local organizations and what sets them apart. Pensacola Young Professionals is one of those groups. PYP not only helps in giving context to important matters but they—are actively involved in making tangible and incremental change happen in real-time.


What do you feel YPs can do to be a catalyst for positive change in our community?

Continue making investments in supporting the development of educational, creative and small business programs/opportunities for residents in our community. This will help engage and empower a broad and diverse demographic while capturing the talent and skill of future generations.