Please join PYP as we congratulate Eric Erbs for being voted as the Pensacola Young Professionals’ July All-Star of the month! Each month our Board of Directors nominates individuals and vote on who is showing incredible dedication and going the extra mile, whether that’s with their employer, the community, or within PYP itself. We are thrilled to recognize Eric for his engagement!

Name: Eric Erbs

Employment: Accounting intern at IMS ExpertServices

Tenure in PYP: Two months

Favorite thing about Pensacola:  

How much more of a city feel it has than Alabama has. I am originally from Chicago, so I miss the big city feel with all of the traffic, people, and different cultures. 

Favorite thing about PYP: 

All of the community help that PYP has done and is continuing to do. 

What do you feel YPs can do to be a catalyst for positive change in our community? 

Continuing to do what we do, to be professional in how we act and how we communicate. There are leaders who are more vocal, and then there are leaders who lead with their actions by example. And with those two different leadership qualities, people may either like a vocal leader or actions leader. YP’s must lead by example and do what is right, which may not always be the most popular choice.