August PYP All-Star

Our August All-Star is CJ Dancy! CJ is new to PYP, but has a passion for connecting with other YPs and the community.

Name: CJ Dancy

Employment: Financial Representative at Northwestern Mutual

Tenure in PYP: 4 Months

What other organizations are you involved in?

ECARES, Waterfront Mission, Habitat For Humanity, Gulf Coast Diplomacy Council, Gulf Coast African American Chamber of Commerce


What is your favorite thing about Pensacola?

I’m a Pensacola native and proud to call this home!  I love the various individuals you come across due to our popular sports history.  I also appreciate the progressive movement and resurgence of downtown Pensacola! Being a seafood lover, the gulf coast is a great place to experience outstanding cuisine. When I have time to relax, I like to kick back and watch a Wahoo’s game or local high school football game under those Friday night lights.


What is your favorite thing about PYP?

I enjoy meeting the new up and coming talent in the area. I feel to be successful in a career, it’s important to have a “pulse” on your community. PYP gives me the opportunity to meet those “movers and shakers” and have a great conversation with them in a comfortable atmosphere.


What do you feel YPs can do to be a catalyst for positive change in our community?

Be involved. Find something that you are passionate about in our community and make sure you donate your time and efforts. It may be an old saying but, “people won’t care what you say, until you show how much you care.”