Volunteer Board of Directors Members @ Ever’man Natural Foods Cooperative Grocery & Cafe

This position is only open to members of Ever’man.
A solid three-year commitment to the Ever’man Board of Directors.

  • Familiarity with and adherence to the co-op’s bylaws and board policies.
  • Preparation for and attendance at monthly board meeting (usually the evening of the last Monday of each month)
  • Attendance at board training sessions.
  • Attendance at the annual financial reporting meeting and annual member appreciation
    day party.
  • An ability to regularly participate via email, including transmittal of potentially large attachment documents.
  • Active participation in the board’s meetings, committee work, linkage events, training sessions and recruiting activities.
  • A genuine interest in cooperative issues and our community.
  • A willingness to take responsibility for board duties and work together with understanding, mutual support, and respect to make decisions that will enhance the viability of the co-op.
  • An ability to keep information and materials confidential.

How to Apply

On www.everman.org under the Board of Directors tab, there is a link to information and application.

Please complete the Ever’man Board of Directors Candidate Questionnaire and Intent Statement by November 1st. Your completed packet may be mailed in, or personally turned in at the customer service desk. You may also submit your completed packet via email to elections@everman.org.