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What is IP?

The Internship Pensacola program is a joint effort by the Pensacola Young Professionals (PYP) and the University of West Florida. IP was started in 2007 and is now entering its eighth year.  The primary objective of this program is to attract and retain young talent within the Pensacola area by providing college students with summer internships at local companies, which often lead to permanent employment.

How IP Works

PYP connects with companies (all industries) that are willing to provide paid summer internships. Companies fill out and submit the internship form. Junior-, senior-, or grad-level college students (from UWF and elsewhere) apply for positions. PYP provides resumes of interested students to each company. Companies interview students and IP issues offer letter(s) to selected intern(s). If the student accepts the offer, the internship formally begins May 12, 2014. During the internship, each student will take the Professional Development Seminar offered by UWF. Interns also attend several social/networking events with PYP members to foster mentorships.

Other Pertinent Details

Interns will be juniors, seniors, or grad students from UWF and other regional universities.


  • Most IP internships are paid; only non-profits and government entities are allowed to offer unpaid internships.
  • Paid internships should feature a salary of at least minimum wage and provide interns 30+ hours of work per week.
  • Unpaid internships should include a one-time stipend of $1,000 to cover tuition expenses and provide interns 20+ hours of work per week.

Important dates:

  • February 28 is the deadline for companies to submit positions to IP.
  • From March 10-26, companies may conduct interviews and choose intern(s).
  • The internship period runs from May 12-August 8 (13 weeks).

In its seven-year existence, IP has placed over 80 interns with local companies.  Over 35% of those interns have been hired permanently by their companies at the conclusion of their internships!

Testimonial from Hannah W., a 2013 IP graduate:

“I joined Internship Pensacola because I wanted entry-level job experience and (like any college student) money. IP provided me with the perfect paid internship. I enjoyed taking the Professional Development Seminar because the small class environment allowed me to ask my professor work-related, situational questions about things I was unfamiliar with handling at the time. It also provided me with many tips on networking and leadership. I had a great time making friends and joining PYP; however, the best part of my IP experience was being offered the job at the end of the internship!”


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