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Internship Pensacola

The primary objective of this program is to attract and retain young talent within the Pensacola area by providing college students with summer internships at local companies, which often lead to permanent employment.

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Mentor Pensacola

Mentor Pensacola is a new initiative from the Pensacola Young Professionals and is designed to provide one-on-one mentorship to the young professionals in our community who are the next generation of leaders. The program also allows the established leaders in our community to help mold and influence the area’s up-an-coming young professionals.

The goal of this program is to connect current and active PYP members to successful professionals in the Pensacola Bay Area. Mentors will help members refine a career path and long term professional goals, and provide networking opportunities with other “heavy hitters” in the community. This program will help shape the next generation of leaders in our community, encouraging professional and personal growth, as well as working to maintain a strong workforce for our area.


We CONNECT young professionals with like-minded individuals and community opportunities.



We GIVE our time, talents, and treasure to develop our community.



We continue to GROW as leaders through personal and professional development.



We LIVE each day healthy, well, and balanced.