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Who are Pensacola Young Professionals

PYP is a dynamic group of young people who are passionate about the Pensacola Bay Area and motivated to make a positive difference in our community. We are always seeking energetic new members! There are different categories of membership within our organization. The main PYP membership is for individuals between and including ages 21 and 40. In addition, PYP now offers both alumni and student memberships. A discount is offered for active-duty military and currently-enrolled students. Members can also choose to pay on a regular monthly basis via recurring credit card payments, thus alleviating the need to make one large yearly payment. All the options can be seen on the member application page.

Why join?





Here are just some of the many great reasons to join Pensacola Young Professionals:
1. Networking – Meet like-minded young people, forge new friendships, find job opportunities, and make valuable business contacts;

2. Volunteering – PYP has partnerships with many local charities and non-profits, and we offer our members numerous ways to give back to the community in a tangible, meaningful way;

3. Making a Difference – Our organization is passionately committed to celebrating our city and making the Pensacola Bay Area even better, and we do this through educating members about important political and economic issues and sharing our collective opinions with elected officials;

4.  Leadership – PYP is an incubator for young leaders, providing our members with many chances to attend leadership seminars, spearhead community projects, work as team or committee chairs, and serve on local boards.

Can I attend meetings before I join?

Absolutely! Some of our events are free to non-members, others ask for a small cover charge. Please check in advance and then join us at an event, meet our members, and decide if PYP is the organization for you. We will be happy to accompany you to a meeting or event. Please contact the Membership Team, so you will have a friendly face to help you get started. Of course, PYP leaders are at every event so feel free to approach them for more information.

What does my membership include?

PYP offers it members so much: a forum to create personal relationships and business contacts; an increased awareness and knowledge of local business, politics, and culture; an opportunity to give back to the local community via charity efforts and volunteers services; frequent, fun networking events at restaurants, museums, theatres, and other local landmarks; professional development seminars and leadership training; the confidence and opportunities to become a leader, within both PYP and the broader community, by gaining experience serving as a team chair, a program coordinator, or a representative on PYP’s Board of Directors.

All these benefits come with a PYP membership, and most events and seminars are free to our members or offered at a reduced price. Plus, local businesses are often looking specifically for Pensacola Young Professionals to fill positions and as a PYP member you may hear about great jobs through PYP’s jobs page.

How do I become more involved?

PYP teams are the best way to become actively involved. New members will typically attend meetings for several different teams to discover which ones interest them the most. In addition to regularly scheduled team meetings, members are able to meet each other on an informal basis at our monthly Networking Nights. Finally, PYP hosts general membership “Quarterly Meetings” once every three months, in order to gather all of our members in one place. Volunteering for PYP in our community is also an excellent way to become part of the team while making a difference.

As a new member you may feel a little lost. Don’t worry! We can help you get plugged in by hooking you up with a PYP Ambassador who will work with you over several weeks. Your Ambassador will be able to answer all your questions on PYP as well as go with you to events, introduce you to other members, and really help you get plugged in and making the most of your PYP membership. Contact Ambassadors chair Erik Petersen and he will be glad to help.

Do I need to RSVP for meetings?

RSVPs are not mandatory for team meetings; however, they are appreciated. For certain other events RSVPs may be required, but this will be clearly stated. Be sure to check the calendar of events for more information about specific events.

Where does PYP get ideas for events?

From our members, of course! This is YOUR organization, so please tell us what events appeal to you. Team meetings are often held specifically for the purposes of brainstorming and event planning, so make sure you attend and have your voice heard.

How can I update my contact information?

It is essential that we are able to keep in touch with you. Please make sure you keep your member profile up to date. To change any of your contact information (including e-mail address, home or work address, telephone number, etc.), sign in via the Member Log-In area and select “Edit Profile.”  Please allow five business days for the changes to take effect.

Does PYP share my contact information?

PYP does not share membership information with outside vendors; however, we occasionally send information to our membership on behalf of other non-profits or partner organizations that are hosting events that are of interest to our members (e.g. social events, networking events, etc.). Please sign up for the PYP ‘Highlights’ newsletter and text PensacolaYP to 97000 to receive occasional text alerts for meetings and events.


We CONNECT young professionals with like-minded individuals and community opportunities.



We GIVE our time, talents, and treasure to develop our community.



We continue to GROW as leaders through personal and professional development.



We LIVE each day healthy, well, and balanced.