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Are you interested in learning about what's going on in our economic development and government affairs landscape? Contact Economic Development and Government Affairs Team Chair Eddie Murray.


Economic Development

The mission of the Economic Development Team is to increase the involvement of PYP in economic development issues that affect the Pensacola Bay Area. Team members will stay informed about all local and state organizations that affect the economy.

The Economic Development Team has partnered with the Government Affairs Team to help manage the Better Pensacola Forum, an ongoing survey, series of webisodes, and whitepaper publications which highlight issues in Pensacola and Escambia County.

Additionally, this team has been successful in building relationships with the Greater Pensacola Chamber of Commerce as well as local government agencies to stay abreast of developing issues. Recently, PYP members were successful in raising awareness about the renewal of the EDATE (Economic Development Ad-valorem Tax Exemption), which is an important tool used to attract and retain businesses in Escambia County.

Government Affairs

The mission of the Government Affairs Team is to focus on local city and county government. This team is responsible for presenting issues to the PYP Board for evaluation and for making recommendations on actionable items; the team also educates our membership about local government and upcoming initiatives.

Some of the great events sponsored by the Government Affairs Team these past few years are listed here:

  • PYP Government Affairs Team Day in Tallahassee: team members met with our State Representatives and State Senators; PYP was recognized in the House Chamber during Session by Representative Ford and Representative Ingram; the team studied the legislative process with former State Representative Dave Murzin.
  • Joint event held with the Gulf Coast Diplomacy Council: the GA Team helped educate international delegates (members of parliament from other countries) on our local political processes.
  • Summer 2014 political debate forum: in association with Seville Rotary and the Greater Pensacola Chamber, PYP hosted a political forum in August; debates featured candidates from numerous races, including several City Council and County Commission districts.

PYP Policy on support of an issue or individual

PYP is committed to supporting positive change and the advancement of our Pensacola community.  As such, PYP may choose, by majority vote, to support specific ideas and causes that reflect PYP’s mission and values.  However, before taking a stance on an issue, PYP will offer educational information on the topic to its membership and survey the membership regarding their opinions.  Should the PYP membership support or oppose an issue or cause, then the PYP Board of Directors, at its discretion, may choose to publicly declare the organization’s position.

PYP may, from time to time, organize a debate forum or other political event that will provide equal opportunities for candidates to express their views to PYP members and the general public.  Political candidates are encouraged to participate in any events or functions held by PYP that are open to the general public.

PYP does not formally endorse individual candidates running for office.


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