July PYP All-Star

Our July All-Star is Taylor Pitman! Taylor has jumped right into PYP and has been an All Star in our eyes! Learn more about her below!

Name: Taylor Pitman

Employment: Mortgage Loan Officer – NOLA Lending Group, LLC        

Tenure in PYP: 3 Months

What other organizations are you involved in?

Powerful Women of Gulf Coast & Greater Pensacola Chamber of Commerce

What is your favorite thing about Pensacola?

Only one favorite thing? Well other than the beautiful scenery.. Pensacola is such a historic city but yet a small city with big dreams – small businesses work together to promote one another so the economy can continue to grow. Downtown Pensacola is making a comeback and starting to thrive again. There’s so much history that lies within this small city but that’s the beauty of being able to bring awareness to that history and turn it into big dreams. That’s what Pensacola is currently doing and I love it.  

What is your favorite thing about PYP?

The opportunity to meet all sorts of professionals in different industries that all want to help Pensacola succeed as a community.

What do you feel YPs can do to be a catalyst for positive change in our community? 

Just be involved; whether it’s supporting small businesses, networking with one another, volunteering within the community or building relationships from all over the world. Getting involved and working towards common goals is just the start YPs can do to be catalysts for positive change.

Both within my company and PYP I thoroughly enjoy being the “positive change” – whether it’s with my customers who turn into family members essentially buying their dream residential properties, or helping PYP be a catalyst for positive change in the community, it’s just who I am. I want our community to continue to grow, as well as individuals within the community to experience positive life experiences. My husband and I talk about the history of Pensacola and how it’s “home” for us, seeing as both of us were born and raised in Pensacola – we want our children to experience Pensacola growing up, learn the history, and maybe one day decide to raise children of their own here.